Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Introduction to Social Media

In addition, Social Media Optimization media marketing (SMO) Social is known as an additional channel for customer service, customer and competitive insight and benefit of people and organizations by providing a tool for a way to manage your online reputation. Important factors in the relationship with the client to ensure its success, has the power to foundation has been built and the value they provide to them. A solid foundation in organizations such as articles and other publications such as press releases and information on the latest developments in social media channels through which you can centralize directly to the customer serves as a support or platform.

The most popular platform includes:

We provide social media as a tool for business success stories you can use social media for companies and businesses using a path of effective tools.

Social Media as a Business Tool

1. Facebook
For the first and most, Facebook can be a very active way to advertise a new product or new service. A great tool for business view and competing with the new Facebook application.
Opinions, market research through the mini-survey is to assess business objectives are analyzed.
Publish and share files and photos with the view that the active profile of the company.

2. LinkedIn
LinkedIn grow and alliances and appropriate connections to expand your business can help you develop.
Building an online reputation in the area in contact with important business to buy and sell products: You can use them
Created and managed a strategic LinkedIn account the reputation of your business visibility and local increase and thus increase website traffic and sales can cause potential.

3. SlideShare
For all of you that use SlideShare SlideShare work for your business.
Leadshar adshar and are powerful tools for sharing.
Reach and connect with customers, allowing the exchange of Investment (ROI) Return increase.

4. Twitter
Twitter is a communication platform that helps businesses stay connected to your customers.
As a business, you can use to quickly share information with people interested in the company to gather market intelligence and real-time feedback, and the company care about their customers, partners and establish relationships with other people.
His tweets , and keep plenty of fresh . Tools like TweetDeck or Hootsuite help in this regard.

5. YouTube
Video can be a powerful YouTube free tool to use templates for any size business, but the usability and mass market audience
Clearly indicate YouTube product marketing position.

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