Monday, July 14, 2014

SQL Server Interview Questions on the file server and database server client

This approach to data in one of two important things that work in different ways, but these two works.

File server data files are stored in the database and approach to get directly from the user file data. Changes are made when file and application data file records the file directly. 10 users are writing data to the online business and then 10 files.

A client-server approach to access all the data is still stored in a file to the server, but is controlled by a server. When an application wants to take advantage of existing data and then send the request to the server application. Email server reads the request and feedback. When you want something in the file server files from any application written application to write server. A person reads and writes the data file.

Oracle, Informix, is the most appropriate database instance Microsoft SQL Server client-server. Single desktop, such as Microsoft Access user.

There are numerous advantages of data client-server database.

1) a single program to read and write data, or less chance of accidental changes data blocks.
Security forces so easy 2) As a security program plays a good role.
3) client-server database, databases, file servers, and then use the network bandwidth effectively.
Performance is good and so is quite impressive 4) things to do are for use by a calculation.
5) client-server database only protect your data, such as our daily operations and errors in the recovery disk and network usage some good features.

Some of these functions are available on the file server approach but require more expensive server market.

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