Sunday, August 17, 2014

Offers web-based Windows Server 2008 Experience

Greater control of your server, Windows PowerShell for efficient management tasks and structured Web, Windows Server and IIS7 Manager. Read-only access eNetwork protection and put your business in the regulatory field effect and maintain a strong base, to strengthen the server environment.

Internet Information Services 7 simplifies Web services management. An interface module based on tasks, better control, improved safety and health management with the Web service as a platform, the user's knowledge and Information Server (IIS) 7.0 is connected to others and using .NET 3.0. Viewing information about this platform of entire applications, sharing and acting.

This value is the maximum possible virtualize multiple operating systems on a server, and virtual capabilities for licensing is more flexible with the operating system. 2008 makes it easy to meet the needs of business Severin dynamic data centers. Optimized for remote access and integrated applications, Gateway and Terminal Services RemoteApp "implement the delivery of secure applications and VPN (virtual private network) is not required.

2008 to protect network access, including rights management with a major operating system security features creates a signature Severin did a great job, and control read-only domain. Including lack of data not previously possible levels of security and defense in the face of network attacks, network data is available for the job.

Application equipment of disobedience company policies and remediation security controls complements ongoing maintenance, including Network Access Protection, was isolated. To reduce the risk of sensitive information persistently and data from around the protection system is protected by Federated Rights Management Services to ensure compliance possible. Only reading data reconciliation best defense against the copy of the database is prohibited After Impact Domain Controller distributes Active Directory Domain Services.

Windows Server 2008, the most powerful and flexible operating system, which provides enhanced reliability and flexibility for your needs, Server Core, Windows Deployment Services, PowerShell, and comes with a better clustering technology. You can quickly setup and configuration with a unified management console and easy ongoing management.

PowerShell command line shell with more than a hundred tools, system administrators are found throughout the server uses a scripting language allows you to automate routine tasks. Without the use of a graphical user interface - the new Server Core installation option to ensure good availability of servers with less service updates only the necessary components.

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