Monday, December 2, 2013

Introduction to Social Media

athandz variety of areas, timely, comprehensive, accurate and integrating the Internet research team capabilities with the potential to provide access to relevant research redefines business intelligence.

Talented, experienced and skilled in developing a place for outsourcing Sri Lanka with its large pool of qualified personnel in a wide range of high quality information for global business customers. Our team members are selected research athandz this pool is. our activities since 2003 as a spin-off of pioneering solutions that offer Internet research began in 2008.

Year in September 2011, the PCH Group, a leading ICT company in Sri Lanka (Private) Limited InfoServe acquired a 90 percent.

The research team consists of professionals in IT, Finance, Business, Marketing, Human Resources, Legal and Bio-Medical. In addition to being qualified in their respective fields, each researcher exposes many areas and Internet research strategies suffer from an intense workout.
athandz provide enterprise search decisions and custom web based businesses informed strategic intelligence to improve SEN.

I find it hard to get to our experience and Internet information time is fast and efficient and cheap.

We create a systematic approach to operational excellence. This approach will enable our customers to offer based on accurate and customized solutions Web to create value for the business.

If the company considers a communication and business development tool, how I wish it were a little faster time to embrace the power of social media? Ever feel like the company behind the race?

In addition, Social Media Optimization media marketing (SMO) Social is known as an additional channel for customer service, customer and competitive insight and benefit of people and organizations by providing a tool for a way to manage your online reputation. Important factors in the relationship with the client to ensure its success, has the power to foundation has been built and the value they provide to them.

A solid foundation in organizations such as articles and other publications such as press releases and information on the latest developments in social media channels through which you can centralize directly to the customer serves as a support or platform.

We provide social media as a tool for business success stories you can use social media for companies and businesses using a path of effective tools.

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