Thursday, December 12, 2013

Web Marketing Campaign 4 Pillars

When the search engines and dynamic data web technologies complex algorithms, web marketing, marketing has become unpredictable and highly competitive. But to suggest that Internet marketing experts, only the top row of the relevant sites and quality of search results.

With Google being smart, black hat SEO techniques are history. Therefore, to achieve high mantra different individual channels of high quality, rich location information is developed and efficient market.

1. Local Search Engine Optimization

List Local Directory profiles will help you to reach a specific target audience or your area.

To insert a clinician and people looking for a doctor in a particular area, the profile should be visible, for example, you can set up Google Places local profile. On or promotion beyond this target time and helps to avoid wasting resources.

You can create the following profiles:
a) Google+ Local
b) Forum Bing
c) Yahoo Local (provided by InfoServe)

2. Content is king

According to the latest news, Google ranking algorithm a year 500 changes were shot last May 22, 2013.
Matt Cutts, head of Google web space the team announced via its blog that Penguin algorithm webspam this afternoon (May 22, 2013) began implementation of a new generation, and deployment is complete. English in the United States, about 2.3% of the questions you may notice a degree of normal users are affected.

The purpose behind these updates, to reward sites that offer high quality content and techniques to discourage black hat SEO.

When the gunner search engines content is king. Benefits for the information content of user and relevant presentation. For Google, the user experience is a good criterion for classification only prize.

3. Social Media Marketing

When it comes to initiation and introduction of new products or services of a company, there is a better and more efficiently in terms of marketing costs of social media. All you need is to connect people and pro-active response to inquiries about products and services, is an active participation.

Different social media sites are simple ( hastags start a conversion through "on Twitter and Facebook) and public ( communities together" LinkedIn and Google+ and Facebook Fan Page of ), as they did.
Just register and start social networking platform to communicate with customers.

Media social marketing advantages:

a) generating website traffic
b) allows brand recognition
c) it helps to get feedback from users
d) It helps if you know the success of the final products

Web Analytics 4. Care

On the site, such as web analytics, page views, traffic search engines, the average time on site, bounce rate, etc., direct traffic, a detailed report of statistical data related to the classification of keywords, such as Internet visits

Show progress and understanding of web analytics, marketing campaigns and help optimize the use of the web and the results of the strategic oversight body on a daily basis. You can change from the results obtained with the change of the company or web analytics strategy.

For example, suppliers to bring traffic search keywords, and coming in because you know Symantec indexing secret.

Similarly, you can send some well written articles Article senior sites provide quality backlinks. You can do any marketing campaign web site without analysis. Learning to read and understand the data and valuable trends in your web analytics site. More efficient, better to improve your site will be able to put it to use web analytics turns reading.

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