Friday, February 14, 2014

Information overload: Killer Productivity?

International Data Corporation (IDC), due to conservative estimates show that the old and poorly designed for the old information information information as fault or back to find the information overload current year dilemma 1,000 employees wastes at least $ 2.5 million of an organization. The opportunity cost of more than $ 15 million a year, or even more.

The average number of hours spent globally peaks a week for four of the main business activities are knowledge workers are 9.00 hours per week, managing employees, preparation and 6.78 hours past actions to summarize the meeting and began consolidating information such as documents, emails and web searches. Tales, PowerPoint presentations, construction of 5.74 hours per week for communication and collaboration, the results of communication and colleagues write documents with others. Finally, 10.70 hours is spent on project and task management.

Results of European expenditure in England, France and Germany 6.69 5.91 hours per week, spend hours 7:08, knowledge management comes last.

The average number of hours spent per week by information professionals in global accounts of knowledge management to 6.7 hours according to the table above. The average number of hours of information on the US context for seven hours a week managing accounts.

Based on the survey, employees pushing the threshold of extreme and cut labor productivity. This was determined to spend up to 50 percent of information workers to manage day. Information overload down the economy $ 900 billion a year in employee productivity and low innovation costs less. This is a very conservative number and reflects the loss of 25% of the working day.

Studies in the US in 7 out of 10 workers in the workplace Information Office to indicate that they feel overwhelmed and five more than two say they go to a data breakpoint .

The survey results revealed:
Independent reports to spend time sifting through the information to find what you need 62 percent of professionals; 68 percent of the information using the information in your way, and I want to spend more time organizing soon.
The right information at the right time workers blocking their ability to work efficiently admit not being able to get their hands; 85 percent are not able to access the right information at the right time, I agree that a big waste of time.
Survey information flows more than 40 percent of respondents considered may indicate future increases.
While an average of 8.89 hours of work for white-collar workers, the average 7.89 hours surveys, participate in research meetings, and is used to search for documents created earlier.
White-collar professionals spend 10 hours or more per day for four days, an average of 2.3 hours of online research spending.
In a day of work average 8.89 hours, employees who participate in meetings and 7.89 hours to find documents, they spend on research, according to the survey.

Harvard Business Review, close to the average worker spent only on activities that create real value, only 60% of the average working day found information processing results spends 40%. Excessive use of 40% of payroll costs is spent.

Research spending much time above graph shows that the normal work week, the second largest growth.

After an observation of workers in a variety of industries, found that organize information and more time using your desire to spend 68% less time. Another 85% 62% Time spent sifting through useless information I saying it can not find the right information at the right time, said it was a big waste of time.

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