Sunday, February 9, 2014

Software Companies in Indore: City bring welfare

North of Vindhya Range, located in Indore Malwa plateau India. During 1741 a market test for the software industry in India from the city center, the name of the temple made by local farmers Indreshw came. Software services companies around the Impetus Technologies city, MPHASIS, Teleperformance and InfoBeans Systems (I) Pvt located. Ltd.

Impetus Technologies

Create momentum software products is an engineering service provider products in India. The company started in 1991 and the company offers outsourced software development for 16 years develops solutions for clients.

The first award-winning products for the newspaper industry. This news gathering process automatically. This time savings and use of valuable resources, such as cable services workforce. Software products in 1996, the company also developed are the first international software product engineering represent 3M in 1995.

Impetus Technologies in areas such as platform based on SOA, Amazon Web Services, OpenSocial, Web 3.0 and Google Apps mainly focuses. In addition, Flex on Rails and multicore PC includes Ruby.


MPHASIS a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) and enterprise information technology. Originally selected in June 2000 as MPHASIS BFL Limited. This MPHASIS Corporation, an IT consulting company based in the US and BFL Software Limited, is a combination of an IT services company in India.

These financial services, healthcare and telecommunications offer. This application development, contact with the large customer centers, such as the management and integration of the provision of BPO services, with a focus on high-tech industries. Also MPHASIS manufacturing, transportation, government and serves customers in the consumer retail space.

Company in China, Europe, South America and 29 offices in 9 countries seemed to be in India. MPHASIS an impact, experience and durable technology knowledge process with global outsourcing applications and infrastructure outsourcing deals.

Teleperformance (TP)

Teleperformance customer service, business center outsourcing call is an international company that provides market research and technical support. Paris, France by Daniel Julien was established in 1978. The company is also in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East provides outsourcing services worldwide. Manages 281 call centers in 45 countries with 88,000 employees.

Teleperformance 75 years and serves 16 geographic markets nearshore and offshore centers. The company also through the global website relaunched in 1993 with 12 countries in 2006, the site began to build call center operations in the United States.

Teleperformance is the same in the CIS magazine has won Product of the Year by the main customers of the United States in 2007, the company bought AllianceONE in 2007 to € 1,593,800,000, continues its expansion in Russia and eastern regions of China.

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